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Written Testimonials San Jose Jenifer J.

"As a former athlete, I've seen a lot of massage therapists, acupuncturists, chiropractors, physical therapists, nutritionists, and doctors over the years. A lot. (Think ...3 times a week for almost 20 years.) Tim Jenning's is hands down the best. His whole body approach is nothing short of amazing. In just 4 months I have become almost pain free, think more clearly, sleep soundly, and feel great. I know it sounds like an infomercial, but its true.

Really, when I first called I just wanted him to adjust my neck. I tell him my neck hurts, so he adjusts my toes....sorry, what? I had just arrived from the southeast - so I think this is some Strange "California" thing but don't argue. Immediately my feet feel great, it fixed my neck pain, and now when i run it doesnt hurt. It doesn't get better than that. I immediately called my sister who flew in from Georgia to get hers done too. She's comming back again next month to see him again.

Ive started on the exercise machines, and just finnished session #2. Range of motion is amazing. I feel strong again too. I really can't say enough good things here. If you want to feel great, this is a good place to start. I wish there were more than 5 stars to give here!"

Written Testimonials San Jose Jeff Smith

"I started going to Dr. Jennings for lower back pain after an auto accident. I was referred by a friend from the gym. I have been to other chiropractors and they helped but I didn't think what they did was that special. When Dr. Jennings worked on me I realized that there is a lot more to chiropractic than what I had experienced through other chiropractors. Dr. Jennings helped me with my lower back and other problems that I was just living with. He is very excellent."

Written Testimonials San Jose Stacey B.

"Amazing chiropractor.... was treated by him about eight years ago. He was very nice and very friendly very caring type of doctor. I was seen by him after a car accident and even though my insurance company stopped covering the fees, he still continued to see me a few times, no charge, which I greatly appreciate."

Written Testimonials San Jose Amanda Ramirez

"Dr. Timothy Jennings is definitely the best doctor in his field. I started seeing him because I was diagnosed with scoliosis and had been suffering back pain for years. He has relieved all of my symptoms. I never knew how good I was supposed to feel until I started seeing him. My body feels fantastic and I have become more active in my life. He has improved my health and made my body stronger overall.

His office also has a very calming atmosphere to it so I feel right at home. I could not imagine going to anyone else for my health concerns"

Success Stories San Jose Renee Davis

"I originally came to Dr. Jennings through a workshop on weight loss. After I started seeing Dr. JenningsI found that he ws able to help me withmy blood pressure. My blood pressure was very high. He used the cold laser and specific chiropractic adjustments and was able to get my blood pressure down.

I have referred several close friends and relatives to Dr. Jennings and I have seen him do wonderful things to help them with their pains and problems. Many people come to his office from all,over the world and he helps them all.

In my opinion Dr. Jennings has a brilliant brain, gold in his hands and his heart in the right place. Thank you Dr. Jennings for your dedication and persistance. If you have an opportunity to have Dr. Jennings work with you I would highly recommend that you take advantage of his services. He is the best."

What People Say About San Jose Auto Accident Injury | San Jose Chiropractors Jonas Jimenez

"I went to Dr. Jennings back in 2004. He helped me with a variety issues but the biggest issue was my severe gouty arthritis. I've been to medical specialists and tried all their treatments and suggestions and all failed. Dr. Jennings gave me back my life and the motivation to live again through his advanced techniques and knowledge. He helped me lose 100 lbs. I continue to go to him for prevention and maintenance. I trust my health to Dr. Jennings and give him the utmost respect as the expert in his field. They have friendly staff that really cares about your well being. I enjoy going there to ease my stress and enjoy the relaxing atmosphere."

Written Testimonials San Jose Ruth D.

"I came to Dr. Jennings because of some health issues I was experiencing. My health issues have improved since I began treatment. I am feeling much better. Everyone in the office is very friendly and professional. I would recommend Dr. Jennings services to anyone."

Success Stories San Jose Debra Cramer

"Dr. Jennings unique skills in using a variety of treatments for muscular, skeletal problems has greatly helped to reduce and/or remove pain and improve my stamina and energy level. I went to him because of experiencing severe vertigo. Within weeks of regular treatment by Dr. Jennings, I improved and within a few months, I no longer experienced problems from vertigo. Several friends and I highly recommend Dr. Jennings because of the results-oriented care he gives."